Tips on Creating and Embedding Live Chat Service in your Website

Having live chat service support on your company’s website helps improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you are looking for a low to no cost solution for customer service, embedding a chat widget on your website is a good idea. Your company may not have the resources to custom-code a live chat tool, there are several chat service providers that offer this kind of service. After you have signed up with a chat service, you can generate the HTML code easily and have it embed in your website.

How to Generate Chat Widget

1.Sign in to your chat service’s site.

2.Choose the option to generate the HTML code for your chat widget. The selection may vary depending on your provider. For instance, click “Create Chat”, “Generate HTML” or “Embed Widget”.

3.Add all the information needed for the chat widget like your username. Complete the steps to create the HTML code.

4.Click the HTML code box, choose all of the code, right-click and then choose “Copy” to copy the HTML source code for your chat widget.

How to Embed Chad Widget

1.Open the page you will embed the chat with the use of your editing software. For instance, open the “Live Support” webpage with the use of “Notepad” application in Windows.

2.Paste the code into the area where you want your chat widget to appear. For instance, right-click just after “<body>” and then paste.

3.Save the changes and upload the new page to your site. For instance, click “file,” click “save” and then upload the document manually to your site’s server.

The majority of chat server providers offers chat statistics and reporting.

Reasons Why Consumers Prefer Live Chat over Phone or Email Support

chat serviceIn the generation of increased preference in online shopping, online stores need to be savvier than before to provide the most convenient shopping experience for all online shoppers and transform more website visitors into buying customers. This is one of the reasons why there is a growing number of retailers that use live support system as their main customer support tool in preference over phone or email support.

Studies showed that half of the US shoppers use live chat service support before making their final purchase to get important information concerning the product or to ask help in comparing items. Several numbers of online consumers likewise find live chat more convenient whenever they need immediate assistance during checkout or simply want to ask questions about the completed purchase.

Here are some of the reasons why consumers prefer to chat with retailers:

1.It provides fast communication tool

Due to the real time nature of the chat service, it enables online shoppers to get their questions answered right away. Every time shoppers require additional information about the product, compare items, decide on two or more products, the live chat in real time with a smart customer support representative can make the consumer choice fast, easy and prevent them from having to return the wrong item they purchased.

2.Help resolve simple and complex issues to serve customers better

Aside from pre-order benefits that live help service can provide, more complex concerns like promotion code faults, checkout errors, order processing challenges, post-order support or returns can be resolved easily and more conveniently via live chat.

3.Customers can do other things while chatting

Live support service is a useful technology for busy shoppers since it enables them to do other things while getting the live support that they need. Through this, they can still focus on other things while chatting which is very convenient particularly in the working environment.

There are lots of reasons why live chat support is a must in every online retailer. The above mentioned reasons are enough to prove how beneficial it is.

Effective Mobile SEO and Web Marketing

If you are seeking to market your services or products online, you ought to consider search engine optimization for mobile devices. More internet users are moving away from the traditional desk top and computer devices to handheld devices including tablets and phones. Research has shown that internet searches performed on mobile devices comprised 13% of the total internet searches performed in June of 2012 alone.

search engineWeb marketing for mobile devices is therefore a growing area. The following are some of the aspects that you ought to look out for to ensure a successful campaign:

• An understanding of your mobile target audience

You will need to carry out research on the behavior of your mobile target audience. People often have different patterns of behavior when it comes to their online behavior. You may find that a person who often shops for clothes while using their PC will limit their searches to accessories when using their mobile phone. It is important to understand these trends and therefore develop marketing strategies that are tailored towards the different devices.

• Keywords

Having understood the behavior of your target audience, you can begin searching for keywords that will draw the audience to your website. You will need to find out which keywords and keyword phrases are most commonly used in mobile searches and apply this in your SEO marketing strategy. There are various free keyword analytical tools that you can use to gather this information.

• Check on your current performance

It is important to consider your current performance on mobile searches. Knowing exactly where you are currently will help you to develop a strategy for future marketing. You cannot hope to improve on what you are not aware of.

• Understand what your target market is searching for

It is important to take some time to study what the target audience searches for. There are various analytical tools available online to help you determine the most popular searches on mobile devices within your specific industry.

• Technical capacity

It is important to get the right company to help you develop and implement an effective web marketing strategy that includes mobile SEO. It is important to ensure that you choose a company that can provide you with samples of their work as well as testimonials from previous clients. They should show that they are able to carry out the project to success. Ask them to provide you with information about their approach to the project as well as their fee.