Directories Submission Sites: Top 20 Free And Paid Sites

Free Directories Submission Sites

Hey Guys, Today I’ll Share You Most Important Topic which is About Directories Submission Sites. In this article you will get top 20 Free and Paid Directories Submission sites list, So Let’s Start.

You are aware by following this Start A blog Advice. That the directories still keep an interest at a time when the Some swears to content marketing. 

And for good reason, the deposit of a link is done in concomitant with the writing of a content at the directory. 

These directories that are found on the web are not all free far from it. We have therefore chosen to make you a small selection of those that are worth a detour.

Especially since the lists that you find across the web are not always updated. Let’s try to stay it here (at day 🙂).

TOP 10 free directories Submission Sites

To begin, we invite you to read our article on the Top-10 ON-PAGE SEO Techniques To Know More Details About Seo. 

They are essential from our point of view to start. So here are fre 10 different directories and all free

1. All Free Things

All Free Things directory which allows you to write long and hierarchical texts (200 words minimum). A real plus therefore especially since you are not asked for a back link, which is particularly significant.

2. Free PR Web Directory

It’s the best web directory and web site directory. You Can Use Free Submit Directory For Your netsites Web promoting By Listing In Our HTML Directory.

Your net Listings For Promotion web site can seem Once we have a tendency to Approve Your web site For web realize And Business Directory

3. Travel Tourism Directory Info

All variety of Sites associated with Travel, Vacations And business is Listed during this Travel Directory.

This business Directory is as customed Submit Your web site associated with Travel, Tourism And promoting.

4. Britain Business Directory

Britain Directory is a a UK business directory and amongst top UK directories for UK business promotion and marketing your websites.

If you wish to push Your Business Than This Great Britain Business Directory may be a superb option to List Your web site.  

5. Marketing Internet Directory

MarketingInternetDirectory.Com List Quality Websites organized within the Best appropriate classes as to boost the net User expertise.

We catalog websites belonging to different categories

6. Submission Web Directory

Submission internet Directory Lists Websites In Relevant classes To alter finish Users to search out Sites they’retrying to find.

Business and folks United Nations agency Have Blogs Or Websites will Submit Their Sites To Our web selling Directory

7. Hot Vs Not

Research tool indexing more than 80 million articles which are accessible for free in PDF format also. 

Topics covered: News, health, art, computer, Business, social Media and Games etc.

8. Nexus Directory

Nexus internet Directory may be a Well Established Directory That Was Created to supply True SEO advantages With a robust Link Building Strategy.

9. Directory Fire

DirectoryFire may be a Human altered Directory That Has Been in operation Since 2006.

Contrary to complaining about the bad economy embraces a bad economy because it means more people will turn to free directories. .

10. Master Moz

MasterMoz is not a search engine… It is a Website Directory like YAHOO! DIRECTORY and DMOZ – the Open Directory Project, the difference being that MasterMOZ puts you in full control of your website listing.

Paid Directories Submission Sites

The directories remain an excellent lever for net linking in World and the best are becoming scarce. 

The most popular and always free directories receive tens or even hundreds of submissions per day, most of which are of very poor quality or simply duplicated.

Being a webmaster of a directory is not an easy job and the directory specialists

who manage to devote at least an hour a day to their directory over several years can be counted on the fingers of one or two hands. 

However, it is a crucial point to count among the best.

Why go from free to paid directory Submission?

It is clear that nobody can devote as much time to it indefinitely, so there are three solutions to these webmasters: leave the directory abandoned, sell it or spend it in premium. 

Upgrading your directory by switching submissions from free to paid is clearly the best alternative both for Antichrists, it is obvious that for Internet users.

By passing his directory by paying, the owner can finally breathe: he no longer collapsed under the daily submissions of new webmasters. 

It frees up precious time which it can devote to improving the directory, its internal optimization, its netlinking, but also to processing paid submissions. 

He can get some income from it, it’s not Peru, but it does put butter in the spinach.

Internet user side, apart from the fact that you have to pay a few euros (well deserved) is that more. 

Not only does this mean that the webmaster has a lot more time to sort through good and bad submissions, but also that the directory can only get better over time. 

I see this as a win-win relationship: better links at lower prices for clients and revenue for the directory specialist.

What are the 10 main criteria to determine the quality of a directory Submission?

  1. Good SEO metrics ( TF , CF , DA )
  2. Well optimized internally
  3. Highly visible in Google’s search results
  4. Seniority
  5. No duplicate content
  6. Return link not required
  7. Quick to validate submissions
  8. Moderate the submissions with care and validate the careful files
  9. Good architecture
  10. Nice design, quick to load and responsive

Let’s get to the heart of the matter… my selection of the best premium directories! I don’t really have an order of preference, so I ranked them by AlexaRank. The data presented comes from Yooda InSight , Majestic and .

Top 10 paid directories Submission Sites



In a few figures, Top Lien is:

  • Seniority: 2008
  • AlexaRank: 127,283
  • PageRank: 5
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 62
    • Citation Flow: 56
    • Referring domains: 5,448
  • Price: € 29.90 for a one-year VIP subscription

Visibility on Google:


Consult the directory



In a few figures, Costaud Directory is:

  • Seniority: 2008
  • AlexaRank: 175,190
  • PageRank: 4
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 41
    • Citation Flow: 43
    • Referring domains: 599
  • Price: € 2 for an express quote

Visibility on Google:


Consult the directory



In a few figures, The Oueb is:

  • Seniority: 2013
  • AlexaRank: 247,119
  • PageRank: 3
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 42
    • Citation Flow: 40
    • Referring domains: 217
  • Prices
    • 1 credit: € 4
    • 10 credits: 30 €
    • 25 credits: 50 €

Visibility on Google:


Consult the directory



In a few figures, Creasite-France is:

  • Seniority: 2012
  • AlexaRank: 326,651
  • PageRank: 4
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 25
    • Citation Flow: 41
    • Referring domains: 171
  • Prices
    • Standard submission: € 2.90
    • Agency subscription: € 6.90 / month

Visibility on Google:


Consult the directory



In a few figures, Infinisearch is:

  • Seniority: 2010
  • AlexaRank: 351,295
  • PageRank: 4
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 36
    • Citation Flow: 42
    • Referring domains: 259
  • Prices
    • Redac 250 pack: 25 € HT
    • Redac 400 pack: 40 € HT
    • Pack Redac 600: 60 € HT

Visibility on Google:


There is no fear to have on this drop in traffic, it corresponds to the moment when the site is paid.

Consult the directory



In a few figures, Supernova is:

  • Seniority: 2012
  • AlexaRank: 384,130
  • PageRank: 5
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 34
    • Citation Flow: 45
    • Referring domains: 698
  • Prices
    • Basic submission: 5 € (1 site)
    • Pro formula: € 50 (unlimited Basic submissions, limited themes, for 1 year)
    • VIP subscription: € 200 (unlimited Pro submissions, all themes, for 1 year)

Visibility on Google:


Consult the directory



In a few figures, Eco-info is:

  • Theme: economy, trade
  • Seniority: 2012
  • AlexaRank: 788 752
  • PageRank: 0
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 27
    • Citation Flow: 39
    • Referring domains: 40
  • Prices
    • Basic offer: € 9.90 (1 site + 2 news)
    • Medium offer: € 34.90 (4 sites + 8 news)
    • Premium offer: € 74.90 (10 sites + 20 news)

Visibility on Google:

Eco-Info on Yooda InSight

Consult the directory



In a few figures, Waaaouh! it is :

  • Seniority: 2013
  • AlexaRank: 857 344
  • PageRank: 0
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 29
    • Citation Flow: 27
    • Referring domains: 42
  • Prices
    • Bronze – 1 site (5 €)
    • Silver – 5 sites (20 €)
    • Gold – 25 sites (79 €)
    • Platinum – 75 sites (€ 219)
    • Diamond – 150 sites (399 €)

Visibility on Google:


Consult the directory



In a few figures, HDClic is:

  • Seniority: 2006
  • AlexaRank: 1,323,885
  • PageRank: 3
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 37
    • Citation Flow: 42
    • Referring domains: 72 + 243 (redirection = 315
  • Prices
    • Basic submission: 2 € HT
    • Premium quote: 5 € HT
    • Writing by HDClic: from 80 € HT

Visibility on Google:


Consult the directory



In a few figures, the e-commerce site is:

  • Theme: e-commerce
  • Seniority: 2012
  • AlexaRank: 1,650,626
  • PageRank: 0
  • SEO Metrics
    • Trust Flow: 24
    • Citation Flow: 35
    • Referring domains: 41 + 42 (redirect = 83
  • Price: € 28.80 for 1 shop sheet, 4 product sheets and unlimited news

Visibility on Google:


Consult the directory

These directories send heavy, they are all very active, cheap and must be an integral part of your net-linking strategy.

As you can see, the more you think about it, the more tools and tricks you can find.

Keep Visiting, Keep Sharing.

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