Free traffic sources for Websites and Online stores

Look at our selection of the most efficient free traffic sources for your Websites, business. And choose the best options that best suit your needs and expectations.

It is no secret that the more people visit your virtual store page, the more orders you will receive and the more benefits you will get.

Obviously, it works even better if your store is optimized to help you increase the conversion rate.

The secret however, is how to attract more people to your online store? 

Where to find the most efficient traffic sources and what to do to make sure they don’t cost you too much?

In this article you will learn about 23 types of free traffic sources that can be very beneficial for your business. In addition, you can choose the channels corresponding to your strengths and personal preferences!

The best free traffic sources for entrepreneurs who like to write


If it is easy for you to write many texts, you can make this writing hobby effective! There are multiple ways to do it.

1. Write blog entries

Entertaining and engaging blog posts are good quality content and can serve several purposes.

First, since it presents useful information or simply provides something interesting to your readers to consider. it increases the chances of someone stumbling on your blog when surfing the internet. 

If this person is curious about the content of your blog. they will also see your store offers and – that’s it! – You have got a new customer.

Also, if you have a good article on your blog, you can share it in your social media accounts. 

This way you will get a large audience of potential customers and make sure hundreds of people read your amazing article.

Finally, if in a publication you share valuable knowledge related to products or the niche. for example, if you describe irrigation methods and explain how to choose the most appropriate one.

This article is likely to be republished by someone in the specific communities of the industry – exactly where your potential customers meet!

If you publish valuable content on your blog regularly, you can use Google to do quick searches from time to time.

So you can find out if someone re-published your article (s) and check if they mentioned your online store and included the link for your blog

2. Write on influential platforms

If you have something valuable to share with your audience and most likely you have it. You really know a lot about your niche right? It might be a good idea to reach an even wider audience through platforms like Medium.

For this you will need advanced writing skills, but the results will justify the effort.

You will establish yourself as an expert in the field and your business will achieve significant visibility.

 If you want to improve your brand image and at the same time increase your sales, this is one of the best strategies to try.

Don’t forget to share everything you’ve written through external platforms.

Make social media posts and short entries in your store’s blog to notify your followers of the masterpiece you’ve created.

3. Participate in the forums

It is not necessary to be a very competent writer to share your ideas and advice in a niche forum. but it is crucial to be aware, each forum has its rules that oblige taxpayers to follow certain regulations.

If you want to get enough traffic from your forum post. it is first necessary to know what exactly you can and cannot write in this community.

It is also important to share valuable advice: the more useful they are for people. The faster you will gain recognition and trust in the forum.

And that will obviously inspire more confidence in you to the potential customers of your business.

Add your store link to your forum signature (if allowed on this portal) – so every time you post a response or comment.

You will show the forum readers the address of your website and will attract them to visit it.

4. best Free Traffic Sources Platform Quora

The Quora portal is considered one of the best places to help increase traffic.

On this platform, users publish their questions of interest and several experts both certified specialists and people without professional experience. Give their answers and share their opinions on the subject.

As you can guess, the people who leave their questions there are very motivated to find the solution for their question. So you can easily turn them into loyal buyers and customers (in case your store can really help with your requests!).

Review the most popular questions and answer those that are related in some way to the niche of your store or to your area of ​​professional experience. 

Sometimes, some inventiveness will be needed to give a useful and honest answer that at the same time matches your own interests.

5. Free Traffic Source Like Reddit

This is also an excellent way to generate qualified traffic. But for an inexperienced writer, Reddit may seem somewhat challenging.

Reddit is famous for its demanding community: you can’t just go there and start posting the links and ads on your website without being instantly blocked. At the same time, the popularity of the portal is growing every day.

it attracts an impressive number of users, which makes it the perfect destination for entrepreneurs looking for free and stable traffic sources.

If you want to make good use of the potential of Reddit traffic, start by finding the right approach and help people with your knowledge.

Upon reaching a certain level of credibility, you can write your own publications that do not promote your products or your store directly, but that induce you to visit it.

6. Free Traffic Source Through emails

An attractive e-mail with a striking line in the “subject” of the message. Is a good way to remind the recipient about your business and motivate them to revisit your website.

In order not to bore your readers or make them unsubscribe.

Diversify the types of newsletters: product updates, sales announcements, notifications about the latest blog posts, special offers for subscribers, etc.

7. Write an ebook

If you have something very valuable to share with your audience and you can make a long and coherent text, well structured and logically organized. An electronic book is what will bring you, fame, glory and money!

An electronic book is an excellent traffic generation tool. You don’t spend anything on the book’s production process and you can easily distribute it through the internet.

So you will attract new readers and visitors to your online store and shoppers at no additional cost.

Electronic books attract your target audience: the person who received your book is already interested in your knowledge and experience, so it is much easier to turn it into a real buyer.

Free traffic sources for entrepreneurs
who like SEO


There are some people who do not want to delve into search algorithms and prefer to stay away from the complexities of search engine optimization. 

For others, it is a complicated but efficient tool that defines the prosperity of the online store in the long term.

If it is easy for you to do research and analytical work, it will be very useful to get free SEO traffic.

8. Optimize product descriptions

As you know, an informative description is a crucial element of the product page .

You can simply list the characteristics and peculiarities of each product. Or if you are interested in creating a SEO-friendly description.

it is possible to enrich your texts with long-tail keywords.

If you include the keywords related to the products and the niche in the description of each product in your store, it will help you attract more random navigators to your page.

9. Optimize images

When dropshipping store owners automatically import AliExpress products. They obviously also capture – along with descriptions, titles, reviews and other details – all the images.

On the one hand, it is very convenient. Everything is loaded at once, and the store owner does not have to make any additional effort.

On the other hand, it leaves much to be desired in terms of SEO. When an image is taken directly from AliExpress. It usually has a super weird name, it lacks search tags and has an inappropriate size.

Make sure that the image file name contains the corresponding keyword, that the image has an appropriate label and that the image size is not too large (otherwise, it will take years to load the page containing that image! ).

10. Review and update blog posts

If you have a blog in your online store. Make a checklist of all the important elements that should appear in each article’s headlines rich in keywords, links to other pages of your website, bullet lists, synonyms for keywords chosen, etc.). 

Look at each article critically and make the necessary improvements according to your list.

Update each article at least once a year: change the year if it is mentioned in the text and rewrite the objective information.

Because if it becomes irrelevant: in terms of SEO (and common sense), outdated articles cannot generate enough traffic.

11. Promote comments

It’s a good idea to motivate your blog readers to analyze each post and share their own thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

The more people comment on your articles, the more likely they are to provide some additional ideas.

which is great, because more Internet users will see this comment (and your article, and your online store) on their search results page.

At The End Of Each Article, Ask An Interesting Question For Your Subscribers To Write Their Conjectures And Opinions.

12. Leave your own comments

Visit the blogs related to the industry and comment on the articles. That somehow are related to the niche of your store or your area of ​​professional experience. 

Many blogs allow commentators to provide their own links to websites and, in terms of SEO. It is a winning strategy, because it makes you much more visible on Google.

Take A note that your comments should be informative and valuable.

It is likely that the entries of a word like ‘cool’ or ‘agree’ are considered spam and deleted, and also do not contribute anything to your professional image and reputation.

13. Make posts on classified ad pages

Each country has its classified ad websites. These sites allow users to post their ads for free and are generally considered a good tool to increase website traffic.

If your ad contains relevant keywords and meets the requirements of this particular platform.

it is very likely that your ad interests users who are browsing this classified ads website. As you can guess, they are already very motivated to make a purchase!

Don’t limit yourself with an ad placed on a page. 

Create a range of slightly different ads and publish them in several categories on several classified ad pages.

The best free traffic sources for
entrepreneurs who like videos


If you like to create videos and have the necessary resources to do it regularly, do not miss the opportunity to use them to direct traffic to your online store. 

You can follow the following steps.

14. Create a YouTube channel

Interestingly, Internet users use YouTube for a variety of purposes. To spend time (obviously), find valuable information, share their achievements and creative works, etc.

Therefore, a YouTube channel that publishes very informative videos in addition to entertaining can attract a lot of attention from platform users. 

You can take advantage of it to benefit!

Pay special attention to the content of your videos.

If they are not perfect from a technical / visual point of view, but explain or describe something interesting or important, they can still have a positive response from the audience.

It is certainly a super simple strategy, but it does not mean that it is inefficient!

All you need to do is find YouTube channels that are somehow connected to the products you sell in your online store. Or to the entire commercial niche.

The more active and ‘visible’ you become in this specific professional area, the more attention you will attract to your own channel. 

Recognition is the key to creating a solid brand and, of course, it is essential to attract more people to your store.

Make sure your own account looks reliable and that it is clearly established who you are and what your business is about. 

Check if you have put all the links of your store in the “About” section and pay attention to the descriptions of your videos so that they are relevant.

16. Leave valuable comments

Whenever you discover a useful, emotional or visual video that is dedicated to some of the problems you are solving with your business.

Use the comment field to thank the author for the incredible work and share your personal opinion on the topic.

Do not write a comment just for writing anything: your goal is to become a prominent figure in this specific area of ​​knowledge.

When you leave comments below popular / informative videos, it is an easy way to reach a part of the audience of this channel, so you must always be polite and professional in your writings.

17. Upload your videos to other platforms

Why limit yourself with YouTube when there are many alternative platforms that can also attract hundreds of viewers and potential customers?

Depending on the specific characteristics of your products and the niche. Dailymotion, Vimeo or even Tunepk TV can be wonderful tools for sharing your videos.

Don’t forget to share your videos on social networks too! 

If you want to show them on Facebook, it is better to upload them directly to the platform instead of just sharing an external page link.

Free traffic sources for social media fans


Social networks were invented to help people communicate easily and stay connected. 

So, in terms of distributing information and creating awareness of things, social networks are irreplaceable and super valuable. 

How can you use them to get more traffic for your online store for free?

18. Create an account dedicated to your virtual store

A Facebook group, an Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest account or a page on another popular social network is essential. And not only for your social proof, but also for the recognition of your business. 

An account on some social network will increase the visibility of your website in terms of SEO, help reach a wide audience of potential buyers, facilitate communication with future customers and serve as a convenient platform to demonstrate your store offers.

Before you start inviting Internet users to view / follow your account on the social network.

Make sure that this page includes all the necessary contact information and that you already have several interesting publications.

19. Update content regularly

To keep your followers interested, you must publish something consistently. 

Your goal is to make high-quality publications that encourage your followers to comment on your entries, to visit your store and finally to make a purchase.

Try experimenting with interactive publications – surveys, votes, contests and other activities – that make followers get involved in the “life” of your page.

20. Transform content types

If you run out of ideas on what to publish, look at the content you already have and try transforming it into something different. 

For example, you can convert a short article into an infographic, a product features text – into a simple video, etc.

First, it will give you the opportunity to capture the attention of people who did not notice the initial content due to their perception characteristics.

some people overlook long texts, others do not pay attention to videos, third parties ignore images , etc.

In addition, having the same piece of content in a new way, you can publish it on social networks for which it was not suitable before. 

For example, you cannot publish a text entry on Pinterest, but you can convert it into an image and easily reach a new audience.

If you convert a piece of content in a different way and want to place this new publication in a particular social network.

Find out about the technical requirements of the maximum length of the text, the duration of the video, the size and resolution of the images, etc.

Free traffic sources for sociable and outgoing entrepreneurs


There are people who have a specific talent: for them, it is easy to talk to strangers and make friends with them.

If it is not a problem for you to start and have a conversation with someone you do not know, you can use this personal feature for the benefit of your business.

21. Cross promotion

To put it plainly, you find a blog / store that works in the same niche as yours and you get in touch with the owner of that store. 

Offer to mention each other in social media posts to increase audience coverage and negotiate the details of the collaboration.

In other words, it’s something similar to the shoutout strategy on Instagram : the difference is that none of you do it for money.

Remember that this person is a partner and not a competitor! Both benefit from their collaboration, so being kind is the key to a fruitful partnership.

If you still do not have enough confidence, start with a cross-publishing strategy: republish any of the entries in that account (don’t forget to mention the author!) And ask that in return you publish any of your entries.

22. Guest posting 

This is the next step in your lasting friendship with the account you have chosen as your partner.

Basically, at this stage, you offer your partner to write an article for his blog and that he / she mentions your website Or the name of your store. Everyone needs good content, so it is very likely to agree. 

So do your best and don’t disappoint! Remember that many potential customers will see your guest post , and its quality will directly influence the purchase decision.

Alternatively, you can do it the other way around: ask your partner to write an article for your blog and publish it with all the credits. 

That way, you will get excellent content, and your partner, in turn, will advertise on your website.

23. Collaborative projects

You can choose from many types of collaboration: record a part for your partner’s video, give an interview to industry experts, contribute to the prize fund of a contest called by you two, etc.

Don’t forget to check that you appear on the list of sponsors / guest stars / co-authors!

As you can see, the more you think about it, the more tools and tricks you can find.

Keep Visiting, Keep Sharing.


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