How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: Ultimate Guide 2020

When you type any query in google search window then that search query is known as a keyword. And in this post, I will show you how to do keyword research for SEO. An Ultimate Guide of 2020, so stays with me.

The keyword is the key to success in blogging. And if you got an idea of how to find a low Competitive and Monthly high search volume beneficial keywords.

Then you almost crossed half of the way to rank any blog post.

In simple terms, the keyword is a query of any reader who types in Google to find particular details.

Let see below, I am searching for a query “Create quality backlinks” and google showing more than 3,260,000 results why?


Because most of many peoples have already created content on this keyword.

The main point is CTR which is known as Click-through rate. Or in simple means how many people clicking to your page in Google SERP.

Top Analysis By Bloggers On Keyword Research

Backlinko has analyzed over 5 million search queries. And 0.9 million web pages and found the #1 ranking page is having 31.7% CTR as compared to 3% at the #10 ranking page.

If you are on the second page in SERP then in SEO people call this as the best place to hide your great content.

Which is close to ranking but not able to get traffic and on the second page you may receive only 0.78% CTR.

Hence, Searching the right and profitable keyword must be your primary condition, without this, you can not rank in Google.

Now, are you excited about finding the best profitable keyword?

If yes, then first learn the types of keywords then I will give you a master strategy of keyword research.

What Are The Types Of Keywords?

Keywords have been categorized into four types and every type of keyword has different ranking criteria.

So keep focusing on how that keyword works and their importance.

Short Tail Or Single Word Keyword

These keywords are targeting the broader term or category of a particular subject.

Ideally, you’ll Realize Such Keywords Either In 1-Word Or 2-Word question Format.

If you search in google and type Meditation, then Meditation can have numerous queries to address such as:

  • Meditation Techniques
  • Yoga And Meditation.
  • Benefits Of Meditation.

This has the advantage of the number of topics to address in a single post. But the disadvantage is they are a very competitive keyword.

Almost every post in SERP related to Meditation has included Meditation in their title, URL and the content body.

So my recommendation is to strictly avoid such keywords especially when you are a newbie.

LongTail Keyword

Nowadays almost every query is searched in Google. There are plenty of opportunities that readers are searching for a particular query.

In general, long-tail keywords are in between 3-5 words long and directly addressing. The user particular query and that is why I also call them the laser-targeted keywords.

If we analyze the research data shared by Ahref on the long-tail keyword. Then you can see the longtail keyword has less competition as compared to the short tail keyword, why?

Because they have low search volume and no one is thinking to target those but on the other side these keywords are the jewels for beginner to rank fast.

Bonus Tip: Do remember a new site that needs quick ranking to show its authority to Google and on this list.

The Longtail keyword will make your job easier, so grab it.

The longtail keyword has close to zero difficulty. and if it ranks then 1000’s of alternative keywords will also begin ranking for the identical and other blog posts of your website.

After all, you are also targeting the short tail or general keyword in the long tail keyword post, am I right?

Let’s focus on the next type of keyword.

Latent Semantic (LSI) Keyword

LSI Keyword is standard as linguistics keyword otherwise you will take as a secondary keyword as well.

Yes, if you ask me a query in two different ways such as:

Why don’t you write your blog post very quick? or why don’t you write your blog post very fast?

In both cases, fast and quick having the same meaning and that is what Google thinks about millions of other queries.

So LSI keywords, can’t be your primary keywords. However most recommended to use in your blog and now you might be thinking.

How to find LSI keyword, right?

It seems like, I am guessing everything that you are about to ask, isn’t it?

Finding LSI keywords is a very easy step so let’s go back to Meditation example. And type only Meditation Poses in Google search and scroll down to the SERP pages.

You will get related queries to Meditation poses.

And those queries or keywords are going to be your LSI keywords and that is what we will learn in the coming section. How to include them in a post when we discuss how to write a blog post?


The above listed three keywords are the major keyword types we need to concentrate on whereas finding the correct keyword.

Now you may be asking, what other criteria to check while doing keyword research and how to do keyword research?

What Are Keyword Research Tools And Techniques?

Keyword research can be done using free and paid SEO tools. These tools help us to identify what is the search volume of any keyword.

And how much that keyword is competitive to rank in SERP.

Every keyword is focussed around the below topics and you must be familiar with what is the importance of each one of them.

Before learning each one of them takes a reference of below screenshot taken from a paid keyword research tool Ahref.


Top 5 Important Factors Of Keywords Research

Keyword Difficulty: Keyword Difficulty is going to be Shared By each Tool On A 1-100 Scale. Based on how competitive that keyword is to rank in Google. Close to 100 will be more difficult.

Search Volume: A keyword will have different search volumes in different countries. so make sure to identify that your keyword is searched in that country where you want to rank or not?

Seasonal Search: Make sure the search volume of the keyword should not be seasonal. Otherwise, you will be struggling to find the traffic throughout the year, remember the winter jacket example.

Cost per Click: CPC will decide how much commercial that keyword is. That the Additional CPC any keyword has more probabilities to make money using Google Adsense.

Global Search Volume: It is obvious that most of the keywords searched Worldwide. Except those which are country targeted, so focus on global search volume to diversify global traffic.

Paid/Organic Click: Ensure The Keyword ought to Have over 75% Organic Clicks. Else Google SERP will be full of advertising pages and you won’t get any ranking in #1 page of Google.

It seems, now you are confident about what to check for any keyword and except CPC. All other factors are very important to focus on while doing keyword research.

Keyword research can be done through free and paid SEO tools, so let me brief you one by one quickly.

Keyword Research using Free SEO Tools

Ideally, free keyword research starts with Google using Google search options.

So what you have to do is type your seed keyword in Google. And it will auto-suggest a Variety of ideas and you’ll choose one.

I typed, What Is Digital Marketing and Google automatically recommended Many keyword ideas. And now your job is to note down all of them in a notepad for further research.

Let say, you want to write about what is a digital marketing agency, so our next step is to Expand its Keyword and Rank Difficulty using any SEO tool. During this list, we can use a free SEO tool Ubersuggest.


This tool fetches most of its data from the Google keyword planner. And from the search volume graph, you can see the search volume is close to similar throughout the year.

It is a profitable keyword and many chances of you can rank quick. it has easy Seo difficulty as you can see above SS.

Have you enjoyed this learning, do not miss to comment on your opinion in the comment box.

Ubersuggest is just one tool, there’s a definitive orientate keyword research using free SEO tools. that has all list of alternative tools together with a few Paid SEO tools for free, so don’t miss.

Keyword Research Using Paid SEO Tools

No one can deny how powerful these paid SEO tools are.

They are not only used to find profitable and easy to rank keywords within a seconds. but also used on other Off-Page SEO techniques.

In this list, the two most popular tools are Ahref and Semrush. Yes, they are expensive to buy but very powerful.

Here is a summary of how to do keyword research using Ahref.

  • Step #1: Go to keyword Explorer in Ahref.
  • Next #2: Enter your seed keyword and choose the country for which you need to research and hit the search button.
  • Step #3: You will have a full dashboard of keyword SEO difficulty, search volume and a couple of additional suggestions for our keyword SEO. If your entire keyword looks competitive as it is having a difficulty of 30 or above, so you need to narrow down your search.
  • Step #4: Explore more keyword ideas click to have the same terms or the keyword ideas given below section. You will get more than 3,00,000 or above ideas to explore with low to high difficulty.
  • Last #5: You can see a different keyword with different difficulty. Their search volume and much more and for beginners, I would advise you to find a keyword with a KD Maximum of 10.

So click to KD and within the drop-down choose Min=0, Max=10. And click on Apply then you have a collection of keywords with low difficulty.

Boom!! you will get a keyword “*************” which has includes a search volume is higher and keyword difficulty is low, which is very easy to rank.

It has various filters and you can try and run with a couple of hacks to get your best profitable keyword.

Keyword analysis in paid SEO tools is usually elaborate and well researched as compared to the free SEO tools. And you will find differences between free and paid tools.

Semrush & Ahref Paid Keyword Research Tools

A similar way you can do keyword research using Ahref competitor Semrush. And they also offer a 7-day free trial, so you can grab them and start the journey of keyword research.

Get 7-Days Free Trial

Ahref will charge you $7 for a 7-day free trial. However, Semrush will have the option to explore for 7 days of free trial. And to learn more why can’t you explore Blogging Tools which I use.

Paid SEO tool does the case studies on the existing ranking top 10 pages and analyzes or processes billions of keyword every hour to rate them in a 1-100 difficulty level.

So obviously the winner would be paid SEO tools. And my personal experience is Ahref and Semrush is quite effective as compared to Free SEO tools.

But specific to longtail keyword research you can use longtail pro.

There are numerous other techniques on keyword research for free on youtube

Bonus Tip: Finding a keyword is not the only criteria to rank a post. You need to seek out and look question that matches together with your keyword. So focus on search intent for instant results.

How to Find the Best Blog Content Ideas for the Searched keyword.

You are very close to writing an SEO friendly blog post but the major thing to focus is to find out the correct keyword question, however, what will the right query mean?

Imagine you’ve got a keyword like ABC Login, that has about ten difficulty and millions of search volume and you decided to write a blog post by targeting keyword ABC login, Can this work?

No, it won’t, why?

Because the intent of that keyword is the reader wants to login ABC not to read any blog, thus rather than ABC login you’ll concentrate on the way to solve the ABC login issue, this seems to target.

And this is often referred to as search intent of keyword and finding write topic or blog post ideas. So let me give you some ideas on how to get those blog post ideas.

In my list, I use to prefer the three most popular platforms to get initial ideas and later you can drill down them to match more on KD and search volume.

Find blog Content/Post Ideas From Already Ranking Pages

Well you know the focus for the keyword, which you are planning to target is to get #1 in SERP, so why don’t you focus on all the ranking pages.

So the easy step is to go in Google search and type your targeted keyword and go through all the ranking pages.

Analyze the title they need to be given for his or her website and the way the keyword is targeted in the title or H1 tag.

Well, Keyword analysis in paid SEO tools is always detailed and the good keyword “Keyword Research For Seo” and here you can see all the top 10 ranking pages are having list posts where they explain the number of ways to do Keyword Researching.

Boom!! currently, if you’ve got to focus on an identical keyword then begin focusing on writing a list post not any ultimate or step by step guide.

Is that clear? if yes then keep reading other ideas.

Find Post Ideas From Quora

Quora is a Q&A site and it has billions of search volume every day, so why don’t you search there and try to find out what people are asking related to that keyword.

Here I searched in Quora for query Best Affiliate Programs

Quora gave ideas that are specific to best SEO tools, if you simply target a question Best SEO tools then it will not rank however you’ll target post like best affiliate programs for Beginners in 2020 has likely more chances to rank.

Bonus Tip: In Quora always try to focus those queries or post ideas that have the most number of answers or the followers, which means more and more people are already searching for that query.

Find Post Ideas From Answerthepublic

Answerthepublic is that the Resource Of All The Queries Searched On varied Platforms.

Go to their homepage and what they raise is simply your seed keyword

Then it will search all the databases of almost every platform and will create a collective list on completely different charts kind or the tabular kind that are downloadable.

Here you can see the results we searched for query Best Affiliate Programs

If you scroll down, it has tons of other results. You can get more and more keyword ideas which later you can find difficulty in Ahref by entering 100’s of keywords at a time.

You can use this tool to find the long tail keyword ideas which are narrowly targeted and people are searching for.

Bonus Tip: For more keyword ideas you can also search on Reddit, the most popular platform which has more than millions of queries posted every day, and you can join Reddit and subReddit groups.

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