How To Make Money With Pinterest (4 Creative Ideas)

Did you know that of all online social media, Pinterest is one of the most likely to make you extra money? So it’s answer is yes, you can real make money with pinterest.

Well, settle well in the chair because in this post I reveal everything.

Below I will detail 4 of the most popular ways to make extra money online thanks to Pinterest.

4 Creative Ideas To make Money On Pinterest?

It turns out that unlike Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest not only connects you with thousands of new ideas every day.

But also gives you the ability to share links to an external website, with all the posts you make on your profile.

If you Want to work with Instagram or Facebook, you will have noticed how difficult it is to take visits to your website. Because of course, the idea of ​​these networks is that users spend time there and do not leave.

Whenever you try to take users to external sites, they will make it difficult for you.

Why do you think Instagram only lets you put 1 link in your profile?

Beyond the tricks you use to put more links, the platform is making it very clear that this is not the intention with which you should use it.

Pinterest, however, every time you upload a photo asks you to place a link. So if you upload 100 images to your profile, instead of having only 1 link, you have 100.

Taking into account then, that you can use it to drive traffic to the websites that you want. The options to make money online are already beginning to shine.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a branch of online marketing, much like advertising, where an “X” company pays a commission to “Y” people to promote their products and services.

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In general, these people are content creators.

ATTENTION: Pinterest is a place to share content.

These companies do not pay for promotion campaign but for results, which can be registrations, sales, clicks, etc.

When you register for an affiliate program, you receive a unique link which when clicked by one of your referrals.

It receives an ID that tells the program that that person came to the website or made the purchase thanks to your recommendation.

If, for example you create a post where you recommend a service that you like very much, and your readers hire that service through your link.

You make the commission corresponding to the affiliate program of which you are a part.

On Pinterest, this task is very simple to achieve. Because you can create images that directly have that affiliate link.

A few years ago, this could not be done there because it was plagued by SPAM by affiliate links. But thanks to the evolution of its Smart Feed (algorithm).

Today it can be done, as long as you upload optimized images of quality and relevant to your account.

For example, in my case, one of the ways. I monetize my profile is with the Creative Market affiliate program by uploading images and mockups to specific boards.

There are thousands of affiliate programs, and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best

Creative Market is like a Free Market for creatives. 
There you can buy and sell digital products such as templates, stock photos, vectors and much more.

Creative Market , for example, pays you 10% of the sales referred by your account, for a period of one year.

That is to say that if a person registers and buys something there from your link. All the purchases he makes for that year will become your referred sales.

Etsy and Amazon have similar programs, only the commissions and referral period are different.

On Etsy you get paid 5% and on Amazon the% or $$ would see according to each promotion.

Join the Creative Market affiliate program by clicking here.

In general, the best thing about joining affiliate programs is that. You can make money without having to create products or provide services. Nor should you perform customer service. You only dedicate yourself to promoting them.

Make money As an affiliate with pinterest

Now, returning to Pinterest, to make money as an affiliate. What you do is simply create pins with the images of the products to promote and upload them to the related boards, using the unique affiliate link.

Before that, it is important that you have your profile optimized. And that you have a system of publications that attracts new views to those pins. So that you will increase the possibilities of clicks and sales.

For example, here I show you a board about Branding, where I sometimes share pins with vectors for designers:

Keep in mind that the% conversion, that is the amount of sales you will achieve per 100 visits, is very low.

Therefore, it is not only about uploading the images over and over again. But it is necessary to analyze the pins and products that have a greater possibility of closing.

And optimize your system of publications every month.

To take this system further, you can create tutorials where you use affiliate products. In this way, in addition to having a super interesting post on your blog.

You increase the chances of making money as an affiliate since you are being super clear by indicating which products should be used.

Promoted Other digital services & Make money with pinterest

On the other hand, you can not only promote affiliated products. But there are also many services that pay you commissions if you recommend them.

If you dedicate yourself to promoting these services that are generally sold at a higher cost.

Such as hosting and email marketing services, you will see that it will not be enough to put pins to the registration pages. Because whoever enters a Pinterest is not thinking of buying immediately.

You may buy a template or a design at a low value, such as something at $ 5, because the cost is minimal and you have nothing to lose.

But if you present a service worth $ 50, it is almost certain that you have it than analyze much more.

In that case, you should work on a deeper content strategy. Where, through your posts, you develop in more detail why you should invest in each service.

Tutorials are a good idea, but not only will you create one. But you will take advantage of all the related articles to refer them. Great, right?

2. Sale of products in online store

This method is a bit more conventional and may even be obvious.


The surprise here is that you can use Pinterest to take many more visits to the pages of your products. And thus increase your chances of selling.

These products can be physical, fully digital, or a combination of both.

In this case you are responsible for creating and selling your products through your online store. And you would use Pinterest as a complement to your Marketing strategy .

If you are already working in your online store. I recommend that you create quality images optimized for Pinterest.

And that you start uploading them with links to the pages of each product.

If you have too many products, just choose the first 10 that sell more and implement this strategy from now on for your next releases.

Credits etsy online store

The best thing you can always do is to create a deeper content strategy. Where you not only dedicate yourself to promoting those product pages.

But also encourage you to create posts or articles where you show. How to use them or where you collect series of products to X ends.

Promote Product Pages & Make Money with pinterest

Suppose you sell stationery or stationary products, you can create a post called.

How to build your first Bullet Journal kit” by linking each of your products to buy them in your store.

Not only are you offering your products, but you are creating inspiration by showing your readers. The elements that would be useful to start their own journals, as they probably have some.

In that case, not only would you upload the images of the post. But you will create one with the title of the post, so that it looks like a magazine cover that calls for action.

If you want an example of digital products, the creator of Infinite Planner On Etsy online store , has created a post that tells.

How you can create your bullet journal in a personalized way?

And in one of its paragraphs invites you to its online store to that you download your trackers and templates ready to print.

Suppose you still don’t sell products online, but you feel like doing it. I tell you that to create your own online store, you can use services like Cloud Store , Etsy or Shopify .


Each of these companies provide you with instructions so you can set up your own store and recommendations to sell more and better.

3. Sale of own digital products and services from your blog

This is my favorite method, I already tell you.

To begin, let’s clarify that the famous infoproducts are 100% digital products that are totally intangible. From ebooks and online courses, to mentoring and personalized services.

You can use Pinterest to attract new visits to your blog or the website where you promote them.

As the title says, in this case you would sell infoproducts or own services. That is to say that you are in charge of creating and promoting them 100%.

Not only do you have to publish them, but create a global sales system that allows you to convert visits into customers.

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Depending on what you want to sell, you will be adapting your system to the expectations and needs of your current customer.

In addition to attracting visits from people interested in the subject of your info products. Your blog and all your communication should show that you are the right person to provide that help you give from what you sell.

For example, I recently wrote an article about Instagram, which was created to promote the course I had on Instagram.

The intention of the post is to shed light on the foundations of the strategic use of Instagram and offer. Later to those who subscribe, the possibility of joining the workshop.

I update: The course is no longer active, but you’ll still see that I take advantage of the space to place Creative Market links.

For this you should know well who is your ideal audience.

And what is the best you have to offer, in order to design a perfect digital product or service. For that person according to their wishes and needs.

That is, before dedicating yourself to work on social networks and be visible, it is good that you do an introspection to decide.

How To Attract Your Ideal Audience

What you want to give and then study the market to know exactly, how you are going to attract your ideal audience.

If you already have these questions defined and you are already selling your own infoproducts. you will simply use Pinterest as the main marketing tool focused on attracting visits to your blog.

Since Pinterest is a search engine, you can experience that it is much easier to get new people to visit you. Because when you are looking for a solution, you can find the answers to your questions on your blog.

There you will be responsible for flying the wig with items that give light and give you authority to offer your product.

Not only is it about creating articles that refer to your products. but the best thing you can do is give more value through email marketing.

So in addition to winning visits, you will offer subscription magnets aka “leadmagnets” to get the email of peoples. who are interested in receiving more information from you.

In this case, as you will see, when selling your own infoproduct, it is necessary that first, you focus on creating an action plan. not only for Pinterest, but for all your communication in general.

How To Make More Money through Pinterest rather than FB & INSTA

Believe me that if you were already doing it, using traditional social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Once you try using Pinterest, you will grow exponentially. Since this search engine is focused on helping creators like you to be visible in front of a community of Dreamers.

And people much more committed than those who only connect to social networks to waste time.

In short, Pinterest will be your best friend when it comes to being found by your potential clients.

4. Make money with advertising

You will have seen that there are hundreds of thousands of Lifestyle blogs and meals. And you probably wonder how they do to monetize these spaces. 


If you pay attention, you will see that for the most part, in addition to recommending affiliate products. they show ads in various sectors of the blog.

The best known company that pays you to place advertising on your website is Google Adsense. Depending on how many visitors you receive and how many people see or click on the ads, you will make money.

My personal recommendation is that, if you are going to choose this monetization method.

Keep in mind that it takes several months to grow a blog that constantly generates traffic and allows you to earn good tickets.

Therefore, it is good that you try other forms of monetization and that in relation to what you experience, decide which way you want to go.

How to start Making money on Pinterest (step by step)

You know what are the best methods of making money on Pinterest and how much you earn on Pinterest … but how to start? 

We will show you step by step what you should do to create an audience that continues to make money every time you publish a pin.

1. What is your audience looking for?

To start making money on Pinterest it is important to have a key audience and a defined niche market. This will help you understand what your users are looking for on a certain topic.


You must understand:

  • What your audience is looking for (how will you capture their interest?)
  • Which kind of content attracts (images, step by step projects, tables, etc.)
  • Something what will make them click to visit your link

Don’t think of Pinterest as a social network, but as a content discovery tool or a visual search engine. 

This will be a different strategy than what you would use when making money with Snapchat or Facebook.

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You also need to understand how you will monetize the traffic of your posts. Generating traffic is the first step. 

Use one of the recommended strategies to make money on Pinterest that we have mentioned.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your Pinterest account or post pins with new ideas, this will be a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

2. Design a super attractive pin

You do not need to be an expert in Adobe Photoshop to create an attractive pin. In fact, you can do it easily and quickly with the free Canva tool .


Canva has many sources and the tool to help you quickly create pins. It also has prefabricated templates that can be easily modified for your audience. 

They have many standard social media templates that match the dimensions recommended by Pinterest.

The image aspect recommended on Pinterest is 2: 3 or 1: 2: 8. The minimum width of a pin is 600 pixels and the maximum is 735 pixels. In our case, we had the best results with pins of 600 x 900 pixels or 735 x 1102 pixels.

Tall and vertical images look better on Pinterest, so choose one of those sizes and be consistent. 

Images with multiple photos that show the steps for a DIY project or recipe are useful and people love to save them on their Pinterest boards.

3. Build your reputation on Pinterest

After posting some pins, you will have to build your reputation or your “brand” on Pinterest. The best way to do this is to build authority on your subject. 

Your mission must be that your users consider you an expert .

You can achieve this by combining your pins with informative articles on your blog or website. In this way you can also make additional money through advertisements.

Post everything you know about the main topic to capture the attention of your audience. Help people, so you can get comments and a good number of loyal followers that the competition will not have.

You can also contact other experts or blog owners in your niche and publish an article on their site (which you will promote on Pinterest). 

This will be another great way to build authority and position yourself as an expert in your subject.

Do not forget to offer your comments on forums online. Find topics related to your audience in Facebook groups or other networks and help answer questions, linking to your blog posts and pins on Pinterest when appropriate.

4. Have a loyal fan base

No matter which method to make money on Pinterest you choose, you already have a good amount of published pins and are on the way to being an expert in your subject. It’s time to start monetizing your Pinterest page.

Although you have invested some time in this process, we assure you that this is the best way to do it. 


If you try to monetize your Pinterest page very quickly, people will consider you as a spammer and it will be harder for you to grow the number of followers.

The important thing is that as many people as possible follow you because they are interested in your pins and boards. 

If people don’t find value in what you post, you’ll never make money with Pinterest.

Think of different ways to continue monetizing your page on Pinterest and with some creativity you can start earning passive income.

Don’t forget to promote your Pinterest page with your friends and family! Word of mouth can go far. 

Although they may not be interested in the topic you publish, they may know someone who does. That is the beauty of social networks.

5. Start Making constant money

After having a fan base on Pinterest, you can start posting affiliate links, charging for posting on Pinterest to Make money month by month.

Try all the ways to Make money mentioned above and combine them so you can multiply your earnings.

You can continue to grow your income with Pinterest by following these steps:

  1. Publish original content – Create original images, infographics, photo quotes, funny photos
  2. Save other content – It’s hard to find enough entries if you only put your own content. Add the content of others to your boards.
  3. Follow people – you’ll get more followers on Pinterest if you follow other people.
  4. Use keywords in descriptions – use relevant search terms in your image descriptions. This way you can easily be found by other users.

By following these steps you can grow the number of followers on Pinterest. By combining them with one of the recommended methods for 2019, you can have recurring income using the social network Pinterest.


In short, if you know how to take advantage of the traffic that comes to your website, there are several ways to make extra money online.

In today’s post we Learn:

Make Money With Pinterest

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sale of products in online store
  3. Sale of own info products from a blog
  4. Earn money with advertising

Start Earning Money On Pinterest (Step By Step)

  1. Your audience Searching Interest
  2. Design Your Super Attractive Pin
  3. Be A Brand On Pinterest
  4. Increase Your Brand Followers
  5. Start Earning Passive Income

Choose the way you choose, you will always need to be visible.

Someone has to see you to buy the services you recommend, or directly your own products.

Although, you can invest in advertising to make people see you, with Pinterest you can do it for free .

The important thing is that you do it intentionally and that you know how Pinterest works as a content creator, as well as how everyone uses it.

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