How to manage a blog with your job?

If you want to do a full-time job as well as blogging, then you have some difficulty in manage a blog with the job, but this is not impossible. So if you are thinking that you should give up your full-time job for blogging, then I would never advise you to do so.

In today’s time, the best thing is that today anyone can earn money through the internet. The best way to earn money from internet blogging itself. You need a lot of capital to start all the business but blogging is different from all of them.

You can launch your own blog with a small amount. And if you work on your blog with hard work and dedication, then within 6 months you can start wishing money.

In the ebook of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki has quit his job and shares his first experience about becoming an entrepreneur:

The day I quit my job and became an entrepreneur officially was a very frightening day in my life. In those days I knew that I have no steady paychecks, no health insurance, and no retirement plans.
In those days my income was zero. There was no steady paycheck terror, it was one of the most frightening experiences that I experienced. I did not even know how long it would go.

When you start your blogging business, you do not know that you will be successful in it or not. This is a very important question in the blogging business:

Can you live without income for 3-6 months?

The early stages of blogs require money. Along with this, you also have your routine and all other requirements which can be completed with 9-6 job. It is very important to start a blog with jobs.

There are some proven ways by which you can manage your blog without quitting the job, which we will talk about in this article:

A steady income meets basic needs. Therefore, we cannot depend on blogging except for direct job. When your blog starts doubling income from your daily job, then you can quit your daily job.

In this article, I will share some ways through which you can manage your blog without leaving a job.

6 ways you can manage your blog without leaving a job

1. Start learning and experimenting in Free

It takes a lot of time and effort to make a blog successful. You should know that you will not earn any income during your learning period because during this time you will only be learning new things and using them on your blog.

During this time you should figure out which thing is working and which thing is not working. The best solution for this case is that you do all these things in your free time. It depends on you how much time you give to it.

Use your spare time to educate yourself. You should invest some of your job money in blogging tools and services. This will be an easy task for you and by doing this your blogging will continue to grow.

Think about quitting your job only when you start earning more income from your blog than daily job.

2. Become a Time Guru

“Time is money”

I have heard this quote multiple times and I believe it too.

According to my experience, I have realized that you are sometimes very busy but you are not productive at all like spending a lot of time watching TV, playing video games, partying, etc. After that, you feel that you have no time left for blogging. Therefore you should come to manage your time and job as well with blogging.

You should remove daily for 2 -3 hours of blogging.

When you are running an internet-based business, time becomes a very important factor in this condition. It depends on you how much time you give to your blog by taking time out of your daily schedule.

3. Make a strict schedule and follow it 

When you come to blogging then it is very difficult to follow a routine.

If you want to succeed in blogging, then you have to follow a schedule very strictly. If I do my thing then I publish a blog post everyday according to my schedule.

To get a good result in less time than blogging, you have to make a good plan to publish your blog post. By doing this, your time will also be saved and you will get a good result.

To start a schedule, you must first do your most difficult task because once your difficult task is completed then after that you will start looking very easy.

You should ask yourself which of my daily schedule is such a task, after which all my tasks will become easy. Once you get to know your difficult task, after that you should do that difficult task daily first. Let your schedule run like this every day.

If you are having a lot of problem in maintaining the schedule with your 9-6, then you can simplify this task by using a very useful tool, that tool is named CoSchedule tool.

4. Always remember “Why”

Managing a 9-6 job as well as online business at the same time is a very tedious and time-consuming task. If you do not do this very carefully, then you will soon start feeling off balance in it. Because of which you can lose all your focus.

When you go to do some work and that work is not completely according to you, then you should always think about why this work is not happening to me. What kind of mistake am I making, because of which I am not able to complete this work. Always remember your “Why” and focus your attention only on it. If you do this then these things will inspire and highly motivate you.

5. Do not lose courage and keep your confidence intact 

Making money through the internet is not a quick scheme. Rather, a lot of time and effort is required to earn money through internet. You should not quit your job until your business blog starts earning a significant income.

Confidence inside you can lead to success in your online business. If you start an online business, then you have to face many problems in starting because you are doing daily job along with online business.

But you do not have to let your Confidence down. Confidence in you will be the biggest reason for your success. So if your results are not according to your expectations, then even then you should not think about quit and give up.

6. Make a great team 

It would be a crazy thing to establish a popular blog only by yourself.

You can create a normal blog by yourself. But if you want to create an outstanding blog, then you should have a great team for it. A great team helps a lot in growing your blog fast.

If you are more busy in your daily job then it will be a best decision for you to create a team. Creating a team will do both your blog and daily job in a great way. A great team will help you in completing the task of your blog.

Once you create a good team, after that your team will also focus on your blogging business. This will save you a lot of time.

If you see all the popular bloggers of the web, then one thing will be very common among them. And the thing is that they all have a great team.

If you are ready now to hire someone for full-time, then you should do this thing.

First of all, you should make a list of all your tasks to which you want to delegate. It is a very important thing to do this thing.

After that using a freelancing site, hire someone as a virtual assistant and get all your tasks done.

If you ask me, I will tell you that building a team for your business is a wise business decisions. If you are running a blog and you are also doing daily job along with it then a good team will help you a lot in getting your blog run smartly.


If you follow the ideas shared by me, then you will not face much issue in managing a blogging business with daily jobs. Once you start earning income through your blog, after that you can quit your daily job and start focusing on your blogging business.

If your blog becomes successful, then it is certain that the income of your blog will be much more than your daily job. Along with this, you also have to pay attention to the fact that when your blog starts earning more income than your daily job, then you quit your daily job. Do not take any wrong decision in haste.

Do you also do any daily job? Have you started blogging business by quitting your daily job? Do tell your thoughts in the comments section. I will be very happy to know your thoughts.

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