How To Start A blog That Makes Money in 2020: 5 Simple Steps

  • Here are You Getting the 5 simple steps to start a blog that makes money in 2020 right now [Complete Guide].
  • Get the Best ways that will help you to make money online through your brand new blog.
  • Revealed: the simple method you must follow and  create or start a blog that makes money in 2020

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Start a blog in 2020 can Makes Money?

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So Hey Guys, Here are You Getting the 5 simple steps to start a blog in 2020 and a blog that makes money from right now [Complete Guide].It can help you quit your day job and work whenever you want, from where you want and whichever you want.

This can help you to make a side income or can also help you change your full-time job. And it does not take much time or money to maintain and maintain a blog.

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Conversely when I started, starting a blog today is easier than ever , as it used to be a pain to learn how to install and install WordPress, configure web hosting, domain name and so on.

But here is the problem for beginner bloggers:

Starting a blog can still be difficult if you do not know what you are about to do.There are many things to learn in selecting niche, web hosting, WordPress, domain registration , and more.

In fact, most people get overwhelmed only in the first few steps and abandon the whole dream.When I was starting out, it took me over a month to create my first blog.

But due to today’s technology, you do not have to worry about any technical information to make a blog. That’s because under $ 10 a month you can set up, configure, and get your blog ready to go!

And if you spend 45 seconds now and sign up for blog hosting with a free domain name and bluehost, get everyone ready to go and get ready to go, then every step of the way in this tutorial Will be able to act on.

To help you pull out dozens of hours of hair and avoid frustration, I’ve simplified this step-by-step guide to help get your blog started .

Covers Everything Don’t Worry bloggers:

It covers everything from choosing niche to selecting web hosting to making money.

If this is the first time you are starting a blog, be sure to bookmark  This page (as it is looong and full of info) and come back later or whenever you get stuck

Because here I am going to teach you everything you need to know about to starting a blog in 2020 that it can make money online,

Now, take a deep breath and start…

Before I dive into this guide, I think it is important to address one of the most common questions I get:

How much does it cost to start a blog?


Most people wrongly believe that it will cost them thousands of dollars to start a blog.
But they could not be more wrong. The cost of blogging only increases when your blog grows.

It does not cost more than $ 100 of How to start a blog in 2020 that makes money.

But all this is important to your level of experience and the audience of your blog.

If you are just starting out, your blog will not have an audience unless you are a celebrity in your industry.

For most people who are just starting out, the cost can be broken down in this way:

If you don’t know what these words mean, don’t worry. You will learn about them in the next sections of this guide.​

Startups cost of how to start a blog:

As you can see in the breakdown above, starting a blog does not cost more than $ 100.

Depending on your needs and requirements, it may cost more than $ 1,000. For example, if you want to hire a web designer to do a custom design for your blog, you have to spend at least $ 500.

Likewise, if you want to hire someone (such as a freelance editor or writer) to help you write your blog posts, it will add to your ongoing costs.

If you are just starting out and are worried about your budget, you will not have to spend more than $ 100 for it.

Remember, this is the only startup cost for your blog.

Once your blog is up and running, it will cost you less than $ 15 a month to keep it running. It is like 3 cups of coffee a month. I am sure you can muster the will to give it.

Now, something you need to remember is that your cost of running your blog will increase as the size of your blog’s audience increases.

Here’s a rough guess to keep in mind:

  • Up to 10,000 readers: ~ $ 15 / month
  • 10,001 – 25,000 readers: $ 15 – $ 40 / month
  • 25,001 – 50,000 readers: $ 50 – $ 80 / month

The running cost of your blog will increase with the size of your audience.

But this rising cost should not worry you because the amount you make from your blog will also increase with the size of your audience.

As promised in the introduction, I will also teach how you can make money from your blog in this guide.

How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog THAT MAKES MONEY?

One of the most important decisions to make, when you are going to start creating your blog, will be to define the niche in which you will work.

A little everywhere we find the same question, ”  which is the best niche?” “. In fact there is no “best” niche, there is simply ”  the  ” niche, the one you know and in which you will be able to express yourself.

You probably have a favorite field, subject or a hobby that appeals to you more than another and for which you are ready to do research in order to create quality content.

However, for those of you who have no ideas, don’t worry, there are plenty of resources to help you.

One of the first points to determine will be to find out if there is a demand for the niche, and if the readers are already spending money in that niche. ​

Take Fly Fishing as an example:

​There is no doubt that this niche is promising, since one can find a number of magazines, and products related to Fishing. Never forget, that if there is a review in a niche, it means that there are advertisers who spend money on advertising, and expect returns on investment, i.e sales. So the niche is promising.

It is understood, that you are not obliged, and besides it is not advised, to limit yourself to a single niche. When you have launched your first niche, and gained some recognition, you can start in a second or even a third niche. Thus, you will not depend on a single group of people, in order to ensure regular income. 

​This is colloquially called, ”  Don’t put all the eggs in one basket  “

Remember, you should never make a hasty decision in choosing the niche you are going to engage in. Making the wrong choice/niche will probably mean that your income will hardly take off, and it will be a failure, while by making the right choice/niche, the income that you will be able to draw from this or these blogs will be able to improve your daily life, or even make you a professional blogger, as there are several hundreds, if not thousands around the world, some of them having monthly incomes above 100,000$.


This is the fun part where you get to choose what you want your blog name and domain name to be.

The domain name of your blog is the name of the people who type in their browser ( such as ) to open their website / blog.

This is an important step because once your blog starts gaining traction, it can actually be difficult to distinguish the name from something different.

Therefore, it is very important that you choose the possible name for your blog from the beginning of your blogging journey.

If you are How To start a personal blog, you can choose a blog by your name.

But I do not recommend it because it limits your blog development opportunities.


  • Keep it short and simple: Keep your blog’s domain name as short as possible. It should be easy for people to remember and type in their browser.
  • Make it easy to remember: If your name is boring or too long, think of a blog name that is easy to remember and attractive. A good example is This is a travel blog run by a blogger named Matt.
  • Avoid cool / creative names: Don’t try to be cool with your domain name. Most of us are not lucky enough to have a cool name, but that does not mean that you should try to sound cool in your domain name. If your preferred domain name is not available, do not try to replace the letters with numbers and do not leave the worst of all. If is not available, do not go to
  • Go with a .com domain name: If it is not a .com domain, most people simply do not trust your website. Although there are many different domain name extensions available such as .io, .co, .online, etc., they do not carry the same ring as just .com domains. Now, the important thing to remember is that it is not something hanging. If your preferred domain name .com version is not available, feel free to have some other domain extensions. But your first choice should be a .com domain name.

How To Choose Best Hosting For Your Blog?

Every website is hosted on a web server. When you open a website, your browser connects to the web server it is hosted on and retrieves the page content of the page you requested.

When you start a blog, you need to buy a website hosting service from a web hosting provider. Web hosting providers simply provide you some space for your website on your server for a small fee.

When someone tries to open your blog, their browser must connect to your web server to download the content.

In the next section, you will learn what you should look for in a web host:


  • Security – According to Succuri , 34,000 websites were hacked in 2017. And this number is increasing every year. If you do not want your website to be hacked, then host your website with the established web host who has made a name in the industry.
  • Speed – If the server on your website becomes idle, the loading speed of your website will suffer. Remember, no one wants to wait for a website to load. Only host your website with web hosts that optimize their servers for speed.
  • Credibility – If someone from your industry shares an article with you on Twitter as soon as your website’s server goes down, you might lose the moment of your growth. Established web hosts monitor their web servers 24/7 and fix them as soon as something goes wrong.
  • Ease of use – A good web host should be easy to use and should make it easy to set up and get started with WordPress.
  • Support/Help – Unless you prefer to talk to outsourced support representatives in India who take an hour to understand your problem, visit with a web hosting provider known for showcasing their support team.

Now, I know that this is a lot to consider a web hosting provider.

So, to help you avoid confusion and remove this barrier on your journey to blogging stardom, I have narrowed the list down to only one web host .


  • Powering over 2 million websites and blogs.
  • Strong up time record (+ 99.99%).
  • Fast average load times.
  • Good, helpful and quick customer support.
  • Recommended by
  • Your blog is already installed, configured and ready to go.
  • Includes free domain name.
  • Cheap monthly pricing (and a 30-day money back guarantee).

I highly recommend you go with Bluehost as your blog’s web hosting provider. He is known in the industry for his exceptional support team. You can reach their in-house support team 24/7 via email, phone and live chat.

Not only that, their services are super-reliable and reliable by some of the most popular bloggers on the planet. Bluehost reportedly hosts over 2 million websites on its servers.


Bluehost ​​​​is also # 1 recommended web host by . (Over 30% of websites on the Internet run on WordPress.)

The best thing about going with Bluehost is that their plan is also highly affordable for those who are just starting out. Those own plans start at just $ 2.95 / month . This is one of the best web hosting deals you can get.


The main reason I recommend going with Bluehost is that they have recently started a service called Blue Flash . It is completely free for all new customers.

Blue Flash - Free WordPress Expert Help and WordPress Setup Service

Blue Flash – Free WordPress Expert Help and WordPress Setup Service

Once you start paying for a web hosting plan, the team at Bluehost will guide you through the entire process of launching a blog. They will answer any and all of your questions. They also provide tutorials and information for beginners who are just getting started.

Once you sign up with Bluehost , you can use their free Blue Flash service to launch a blog within a fully configured second.

Along with Bluehost’s Blue Flash service , you can start blogging in minutes without any technical knowledge. All you have to do is fill in some form fields and click some buttons to set up and configure your blog in under 5 minutes.

Choose an attractive WordPress theme 

Once you have a blog topic, you need to choose a design that will look good on your website and match your niche.

Because there are thousands of WordPress themes and theme developers out there, I decided to make a list of the things you need to see in the theme


When choosing a theme for your blog, you should be told a few things like:


This is the most important part of choosing a theme for your blog.

Generatepress Theme Premium

If the design of your blog looks weird or doesn’t match the theme of your blog, then people will have a hard time trusting you or even taking you seriously

When choosing a topic, look for one that offers minimal design with the least distracting elements. You do not want your blog closed with a thousand different elements.

Going for a theme with a simple, minimal design is your best option . This will put the content of your blog at the center of the stage and will not distract your readers while reading.


Most WordPress themes come with dozens of features that you will never need. These features affect the speed of your blog. If you want your blog to be fast, then only go with themes that are optimized for speed .

This rules most of the themes available for WordPress as most theme developers do not follow best practices for designing WordPress themes. Even a lot of themes that say they are optimized for speed will in reality slow down your site.

So, it is highly recommended that you go with a trusted theme developer .


Most themes in the market are not optimized for mobile devices. They look good on desktops, but they break on mobile and tablet devices. If you do not already know, most people visiting your website will see it using a mobile phone.

Over 70% of your visitors will be mobile visitors, so it makes perfect sense to look for a theme that provides a responsive design .

As the name suggests, a responsive design responds differently to different devices and easily adjusts to all screen sizes, making your website look great on all devices.

Looking for a theme that offers a professional design, is mobile responsive, and is optimized for motion sounds like an impossible task.

To make it easy for you, I recommend you only buy themes from these providers for start a new blog in year 2020 that’s is very important for beginner bloggers.

Two High Recommended Theme Providers

GeneratePress –  GP Premium provides some of the best themes on the market. Their Generatepress Theme is used by some of the most popular bloggers on the Internet and offers customization above and beyond with themes by other developers on the market. His themes are perfect for bloggers.

​​​​”This blog is powered by a GeneratePress theme (called GP Premium).

 Here I recommend GeneratePress Themes.

ThemeForest – Slightly different than ThemeForest GeneratePress. Unlike GeneratePress, ThemeForest is a marketplace for WordPress themes. On Themeforest, you can choose from thousands of different themes that have been developed by thousands of different theme developers. Although ThemeForest is a marketplace, it does not mean that they do not pay attention to quality. ThemeForest rigorously checks every theme before presenting it to their market.

The reason for recommending these two is that they have really high standards for all subjects.

When you buy a theme from any of these providers, specifically GeneratePress, you can be sure that you are getting the best theme for your blog.

GeneratePress Premium Theme:

I suggest going with a theme that complements the topic of your blog . Even if you can’t find the right topic for the topic of your blog, at least do something that won’t seem too strange for the topic of your blog.

After Purchasing, Installing the Theme Let’s do Activate, Now you should have a fully functioning WordPress blog that matches the demo site, now you can start customizing the content of your blog.

Obviously you don’t have to go with a GeneratePress Premium Theme. Any WordPress theme will work. I love StudioPress, as their theme is safe, fast loading and SEO friendly. Plus StudioPress’s one-click demo installer will make your life a lot easier as it will automatically install any plugins used on the demo site, and update the content to match the theme demo.


There are lots of ways to make a blog. Below are some of the most common ways to monetize your blog.

Some ways to make money with your blog are easier than others. In some ways you will need to learn some skills but the payoff will be huge.

“The more time and effort you put into your business, the more money you will earn. Your blog is your business. It is an asset.”

​​If you are a beginner, don’t worry about making money from Go Go, the more time you invest in your blog, the more this property will grow.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and profitable ways of monetizing a blog. AM is when you are rewarded for promoting someone else’s product or service

You link using a tracking link associated with a product or service. When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there to join. Here’s something I’m recommending:

Amazon Associates – Pay when your blog visitors purchase products on Amazon through your affiliate link on your blog.

Bluehost – Web host I recommend and they have one of the most popular web hosting affiliate programs.

Commission Junction and Shareasale – Massive marketing network with thousands of retailers who can promote products and services on your blog.


Displaying advertisements on your website is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money with your blog. It is as simple as listening. You join an ad network such as Google Adsense, and place your JavaScript code on your website where you want to display ads.

Display Advertisement-adsense-bloggingtor

The amount you make from advertisements will depend on a large number of factors. Another important one is how much an advertiser is willing to pay for the demographic of your readers. If most of your readers are from 3rd world countries, advertisers are not expected to pay you top dollar.

“The most important factor when it comes to advertising revenue is what you write about your niche and you.”

If you are writing about an industry where it is difficult to get new customers and the value of each customer is very high for businesses, then you can expect to pay a good amount.

There are many different advertising models bloggers can use to generate revenue.
If you are considering CPC advertising, here are two networks I recommend.

Google Adsense

is a publisher advertising platform by Google. It has been around for a long time and a lot of pro bloggers have made their fortune from this advertising network. Because it is a Google company, it is one of the most trusted advertising platforms on the Internet.

They offer a variety of ads including responsive ads that fit the user’s screen size. They allow you to control what types of ads appear on your website and you can disable ads individually if you want. Their ads blend easily with the design of your website without ruining the user experience. 

is a giant in the advertising industry. He has been around for a long time and is one of the most trusted players in the game. They offer many different types of advertisements in which native advertisements, relevant advertisements and of course, advertisements are displayed. Their ads look great with your content.

Unlike most ad networks, displays beautiful ads that not only look great but blend in with the content of your website. Before you can start displaying their ads on your website, you must first fill out an application. This network is of high quality due to the process of terminating it through the application form.


Selling advertising directly to the advertiser is a great way to generate revenue and keep positive cash flow. If you want to get paid in advance for advertisements displayed on your website, the best way is to sell your inventory directly.

There are only a few ways to sell your inventory directly. You can either reach businesses in your niche and sell them your list or you can advertise on your blog that you sell advertising space.


If you run a blog in a niche where coaching is possible, then coaching your clients can be a very attractive option to make money with your blog. Your regular readers trust you and want to learn from experts.

“If you know how to coach people in your niche or think how you can learn to do it, then you should consider coaching people as a way to generate income from your blog.”

How much you can make as a coach will depend on which niche you are in. For example, if you are coaching software developers on building complex algorithms for their companies, you can expect to make well with some even at $ 10,000 per month with customers. But on the other hand, if you are a dating coach for college students, you might not make much money.

Wrap Up

If you are reading this, congratulations! 4
You are one of the very few people who start.

Now that you know how to start a blog, you will probably have a lot of questions in your mind about how you will expand your blog and turn it into a business or you should write a book or create an online course.

If you get stuck or have any question about how to start a blog in 2019, just go ahead and contact me and I will personally reply to your email.

Your single share is important & counts for us! I appreciate your effort.

Thank You For Reading This Informative Article 


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